Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Its been a little while.

I haven't been sewing lately, as i have been spending a lot of time at my boyfriends house and didn't take anything to sew with me, with the weather being horrible, rainy and cold that meant i was bored for a good few days.

At the moment i am currently sewing fabric to paper hexagons for the quilt i am making for my little cousin, this will take a while as i have over 1000 to sew (this shall keep me busy for a while).

I have just been looking through some old pictures on my phone and came across these ones that make me smile. (the quality on some is rubbish as they were taken on my phone)

Jess (my boyfriends dog, all white alsation) last summer at the farm, she loved the sheep but the cows not that much.

My little cousin Mia who i love more than words can say. On our way to blackpool for the day, being a geek.

At morris dancing championships 2011, her troup won a lot.

My boyfriends cat Socks, hiding her face pretending to sleep so that Jess wont torment her.

Ty my cousins dog, he is the best, always runs and gives to a kiss.

Buster and Ty, buster is my aunties dog, hes one little monster but also cute, he looks like a fether duster.

Ty and Buster after a nice long walk in the park and feeding the ducks with Mia.

Ty wanted to see the ducks with Mia.

Jess feeling all sad because she was sick.

I think she feels a bit better after cuddles from me and mark.

She also likes to relax and listen to music (the pogues).

This was Jess's first train ride, out of four in the same day. I think she was trying to escape.

Mia on her first dance of 2012, in her new dancing dress.
She is the best little leader ever.

And last but not least, my two year anniversary present from mark, i have been wanting this for a while now so i was happy when he got it for me, now all i need is some fairy lights to put around it =)

I will post some more updates soon, when i have made some progress with tacking fabric to paper hexagons.

Happy belated easter everyone.


Saturday, 31 March 2012

Happy belaited mothers day

For mothers day i made my mum a cross stitch picture saying home is where your mum is on it. I got all of the charts from the cross stitcher magazines (that i love) and put them together to create this, what i think is cute mothers day gift. I am happy with the outcome and after picking it up and putting it down a few times it took me just a week to make.

I also made these mothers day rosettes for my Nan and Mum, i decided to make these after seeing them on another blog, they was £40 to buy and as i was wanting to go with the whole hand made theme i decided to make them myself. I am happy with the outcome of these and think i will make some more in the future, for birthdays etc.

Just some pictures of the mothers day gifts and my cute quinea pig Maggie (fat Maggie) sporting her bow tie and some mr potato head glasses. (The pictures arnt the best as i have miss placed my camera so they have been taken on my crappy phone camera).

Monday, 12 March 2012

Things Are Looking Up.

On another note, i keep saying that i am going to start blogging more frequently, although i want to i seem to forget and get to distracted, then i remember weeks later.

I have been making a few things lately, quilts, tea cosies, head dresses, mothers day presents.
I am recently in the middle of sewing a hexagon patchwork quilt for my room, and one for my little cousin Mia.
I am also making head dresses for my mum and aunties morris dancing troupe, and a mothers day present that is nearly finished thank god.
Even though i am getting things done i am still a bit gutted that i didn't finish the Christmas tea cosy in time that i started for my boyfriends parent (i will finish it for this Christmas i am sure of it, as i only have a quarter of the design left to sew).

Heres a few pictures to update you on what i have been doing.

My progress on the Christmas tea cosy.

The start of my new hexagon patchwork quilt.

Some of the morris dancing head dresses i have made so far, 25 down a lot more to go.


Letters i decided to use for my cross stitch mothers day gift.

Maggie my guinea pig (aka fat maggie), wearing a bow tie i made her, she looks super cute and loves it.

I have been taking regular pictures of the things i have been making, so now i need to start blogging more often without getting to distracted and forgeting.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy new Year

I just LOVE Zooey Deschanel she is an amazing singer aswell as an actor. This song make me smile =)

I will get back to posting about the things i have made and im planning on making after the new year.


Happy New Year everone, have a good night xo

Monday, 14 November 2011

Something New.

I recently started sewing on a new project. I have decided to make a teapot cosy for my boyfriends mum and dad for Christmas. It will be my very first hand made Christmas present, that I can remember (actually my second if you count the hexagon patchwork quilt). I haven’t got that far so yet, even though I started it about four days ago, but I did have to unpick quite a bit of it due to sewing it whilst watching the x factor , not concentrating and sewing one x to many, then getting really confused because the number of x's didn’t work out after it.

I cant wait to see the final outcome, I also cant wait for them to see it as they are always asking what I am working on. It would be nice to see a piece of my work in my own home but no one drinks tea so that isn’t going to happen.

Anyway I guess I should get back to sewing some more whilst I watch Kirstie's Handmade Britain =)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Happy Birthday To Me.

So it was my 23rd Birthday 13 days ago. I have only just got round to putting the pictures on my laptop of my amazing present my boyfriend got me =)

He got me the Kath Kidston Sew box I have been wanting for quite a while now =) I was so happy when I opened it, although I did kind of spoil the surprise, because he asked me did I have no idea what it was due to the shape then I guessed, that made me feel bad. Anyway I am so happy with it, and imp using it to keep my fabrics and sewing needles and cotton etc in when I am working on a project, (as I have all my sewing things etc in my work shed, that is far to cold to sit in).

I just love the little felt trees, the dog, and the flowers. Well I love it all =) I love it more because I already had the little house needle book by Kath Kidston.
On another note I have just started on another project, so I shall be posting about that a little more soon, along with some pictures.

I have the best boyfriend ever.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Far To Long.

Its been far to long since I last posted on my blog about my Hand sewn patchwork quilt, over a month. Well my quilt is finally finished, I am happy with the outcome, although it is thicker than I would have liked it to be, and some of the fabric is folded over on the back, but I was to impatient to wait. I did enjoy sewing the binding though, even though it was a bit time consuming and took me almost one whole day, I found it quite relaxing as I could watch a few films in the process.

The quilt was suppose to be for my little cousin Mia for my silver cross pram that she has clamed. Now it has gone to Frankie the little girl my mum minds as it turned out bigger than I thought (to big for the pram but to small for a blanket for a seven year old), so now its a cot quilt. She has got it as an early, early, early Christmas present, but she likes it. Well I think so anyway. I shall get a picture of her with it soon.

So finally here are the two pictures i did get of it, I will try and get some propper ones soon.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Flowery Nails.

I decided to paint my nails a few days ago as I haven’t had them painted in a long time. I found this post from Away with the fairies quite a while ago and saved it so I could use it for inspiration to do my own, then I forgot about it, like I always do.

For the first time of designing something on my nails I was quite happy with them, more so that I have tiny nails so I could only get two flowers on each. They are a little messy and smudged, but I don’t mind for now. I cant wait to get some new nail varnishes (nail art pens) so I can try them again, although I think I will practice on some false nails first until I get the hang of it and they come out proper and don’t look like a six year old did them.

I also painted my cousins with only one flower on each nail as hers a tiny tiny seven year old nails. I think hers looked better than mine. I didnt manage to get a picture of them, so maybe next time.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Happy Birthday.

Today is my little cousins 7th birthday, as she is in school and would be out all weekend I gave her, her presents early, I decided to wrap them using this technique Woven paper gift topper, I chose to use seven colours as she is seven of course, instead of using news paper I used brown parcel paper.

I was happy with the result although it was quite time consuming really because the presents were bigger than in the original post, I had to stick loads of strips together. I did enjoy this once I figured out the best way to make it quick.

Well Mia was happy with her presents so that is all that matters.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wrong Place.

So its been a good few days since I did sewing on my hexagon patchwork quilt. Just as I was getting back into it I ended up sewing three hexagons into the wrong place, I only noticed when I was about to sew the last side =( so now I have to unpick it all. That I am not exactly looking forward to as the stitches are so small and close together. Well I am halfway there just a few more sides to go but they will have to wait till tomorrow because I’m now getting a bit frustrated with it.

What it should look like.

What the wrong one looks like.