Monday, 12 March 2012

Things Are Looking Up.

On another note, i keep saying that i am going to start blogging more frequently, although i want to i seem to forget and get to distracted, then i remember weeks later.

I have been making a few things lately, quilts, tea cosies, head dresses, mothers day presents.
I am recently in the middle of sewing a hexagon patchwork quilt for my room, and one for my little cousin Mia.
I am also making head dresses for my mum and aunties morris dancing troupe, and a mothers day present that is nearly finished thank god.
Even though i am getting things done i am still a bit gutted that i didn't finish the Christmas tea cosy in time that i started for my boyfriends parent (i will finish it for this Christmas i am sure of it, as i only have a quarter of the design left to sew).

Heres a few pictures to update you on what i have been doing.

My progress on the Christmas tea cosy.

The start of my new hexagon patchwork quilt.

Some of the morris dancing head dresses i have made so far, 25 down a lot more to go.


Letters i decided to use for my cross stitch mothers day gift.

Maggie my guinea pig (aka fat maggie), wearing a bow tie i made her, she looks super cute and loves it.

I have been taking regular pictures of the things i have been making, so now i need to start blogging more often without getting to distracted and forgeting.

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