Thursday, 20 October 2011

Far To Long.

Its been far to long since I last posted on my blog about my Hand sewn patchwork quilt, over a month. Well my quilt is finally finished, I am happy with the outcome, although it is thicker than I would have liked it to be, and some of the fabric is folded over on the back, but I was to impatient to wait. I did enjoy sewing the binding though, even though it was a bit time consuming and took me almost one whole day, I found it quite relaxing as I could watch a few films in the process.

The quilt was suppose to be for my little cousin Mia for my silver cross pram that she has clamed. Now it has gone to Frankie the little girl my mum minds as it turned out bigger than I thought (to big for the pram but to small for a blanket for a seven year old), so now its a cot quilt. She has got it as an early, early, early Christmas present, but she likes it. Well I think so anyway. I shall get a picture of her with it soon.

So finally here are the two pictures i did get of it, I will try and get some propper ones soon.

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