Saturday, 12 November 2011

Happy Birthday To Me.

So it was my 23rd Birthday 13 days ago. I have only just got round to putting the pictures on my laptop of my amazing present my boyfriend got me =)

He got me the Kath Kidston Sew box I have been wanting for quite a while now =) I was so happy when I opened it, although I did kind of spoil the surprise, because he asked me did I have no idea what it was due to the shape then I guessed, that made me feel bad. Anyway I am so happy with it, and imp using it to keep my fabrics and sewing needles and cotton etc in when I am working on a project, (as I have all my sewing things etc in my work shed, that is far to cold to sit in).

I just love the little felt trees, the dog, and the flowers. Well I love it all =) I love it more because I already had the little house needle book by Kath Kidston.
On another note I have just started on another project, so I shall be posting about that a little more soon, along with some pictures.

I have the best boyfriend ever.

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