Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Its been a little while.

I haven't been sewing lately, as i have been spending a lot of time at my boyfriends house and didn't take anything to sew with me, with the weather being horrible, rainy and cold that meant i was bored for a good few days.

At the moment i am currently sewing fabric to paper hexagons for the quilt i am making for my little cousin, this will take a while as i have over 1000 to sew (this shall keep me busy for a while).

I have just been looking through some old pictures on my phone and came across these ones that make me smile. (the quality on some is rubbish as they were taken on my phone)

Jess (my boyfriends dog, all white alsation) last summer at the farm, she loved the sheep but the cows not that much.

My little cousin Mia who i love more than words can say. On our way to blackpool for the day, being a geek.

At morris dancing championships 2011, her troup won a lot.

My boyfriends cat Socks, hiding her face pretending to sleep so that Jess wont torment her.

Ty my cousins dog, he is the best, always runs and gives to a kiss.

Buster and Ty, buster is my aunties dog, hes one little monster but also cute, he looks like a fether duster.

Ty and Buster after a nice long walk in the park and feeding the ducks with Mia.

Ty wanted to see the ducks with Mia.

Jess feeling all sad because she was sick.

I think she feels a bit better after cuddles from me and mark.

She also likes to relax and listen to music (the pogues).

This was Jess's first train ride, out of four in the same day. I think she was trying to escape.

Mia on her first dance of 2012, in her new dancing dress.
She is the best little leader ever.

And last but not least, my two year anniversary present from mark, i have been wanting this for a while now so i was happy when he got it for me, now all i need is some fairy lights to put around it =)

I will post some more updates soon, when i have made some progress with tacking fabric to paper hexagons.

Happy belated easter everyone.


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