Saturday, 1 October 2011

Flowery Nails.

I decided to paint my nails a few days ago as I haven’t had them painted in a long time. I found this post from Away with the fairies quite a while ago and saved it so I could use it for inspiration to do my own, then I forgot about it, like I always do.

For the first time of designing something on my nails I was quite happy with them, more so that I have tiny nails so I could only get two flowers on each. They are a little messy and smudged, but I don’t mind for now. I cant wait to get some new nail varnishes (nail art pens) so I can try them again, although I think I will practice on some false nails first until I get the hang of it and they come out proper and don’t look like a six year old did them.

I also painted my cousins with only one flower on each nail as hers a tiny tiny seven year old nails. I think hers looked better than mine. I didnt manage to get a picture of them, so maybe next time.

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