Monday, 29 August 2011

Hand Sewn

For the last few week I have been working on Hand Sewn Hexagon Patchwork, I have never done this before so this is my first attempt. I have tried patchwork before, (squares and miss match) but the squares only lined up halfway through the project the rest did not line up.

So far I am pretty happy with it, as I thought it would be harden than it seems. I am giving this to my younger cousin for her Silver Cross Pram (well mine, from when I was younger). Although it isn’t like I really have a choice she has said she is having it, so at least someone else likes it so far as well as just me.

On another note this is Jesse, (a white Alsatian) she is my partners dog. This was taken three month ago when she was either 9 week or 13 week old. (She is now either 25/26week or 29/30 week, and quite a bit bigger than in the picture). She is a big softie, and loves to play all the time, or go lay in the cold.

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