Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Childhood memories.

So it been quite a while since I last posted, well five month in fact.

The last thing I posted was of one of my pages in my sketchbook from my childhood memories project, so I have decided to post the rest of my images from my sketchbook work, from this project.

I started by painting images of baby toys, I then moved onto line drawings of family photos, because every one has photos from when they were children. Next I chose to paint images of objects from the beach, e.g.) buckets, spades, beach huts, shells. I chose to do butterflies and flowers next, as where there are flowers there are butterflies. I chose to use letters and numbers next, as well as balloons, bubbles and dressing up masks. Through out these pages, I used Gouache paint, watercolours, collage and line drawings. (My images look different when you look at them in my sketchbook, as I scanned them into my computer.)

I really enjoyed this project, as I have grown up with a lot of younger cousins, and many childhood memories that I would like to remember for a long time to come.

(Here goes for my manny images)

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